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Sacha's Mission

Hi everyone I’m Jaya’s Mummy, also known as Sacha. 

I started Premier Parents out of frustration at the lack of opportunities available when I left my job in 2015. My Daughter was starting school and I wanted to be able to pick her up a  few times a week, support her through that new stage of her life, hear about what she had learnt and what yummy school pudding she’d had. 

Life is challenging enough being a parent, especially a single parent, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and embark on a mission to help people like me. 

My aim and the ethos of Premier Parents is to encourage UK businesses in being more supportive to the ever growing demographic of parents that want to maintain their career but not at the cost of their families.  I want to shift the current mind-set of employers so they realise that they are missing out big time!

Whether you’re unemployed because you can’t afford childcare, want to get back into work or just need a more flexible role that gives you a healthy, happy work- life balance, I want to help you. 

Before we had even launched, hundreds of parents reached out expressing their excitement and support of what I was doing and not just Mums, Dad’s too! I will personally be involved in working with our parents and growing a team of staff that feel as passionately about my mission as I do.

So if you want to know more or need some help, get in touch.

See you soon :)