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Are you willing to be flexible to win the right candidate? If the answer is yes, we would love to help you. 

Premier Parents Ltd is a fresh approach to recruitment combining socially focused strategies with commercial success. We specialise in connecting hard working, talented parents with forward thinking employers that want the best for their business and their community.

We continue to attract an overwhelming amount of public support and PR, gaining the trust of hundreds of people and businesses across the UK. We now have one of the most dynamic and exclusive talent pools across a variety of industries.

Whilst our core business is part- time and flexible working, some of our candidates do want full-time work but seek a more supportive employer with strong values. Many of our candidates are reluctant to approach employers directly or use traditional recruitment agencies so we can help you attract a new wave of fresh talent that you’re currently unable to reach.

Various recruiters are currently pulling candidates from the same pools which means the same people are coming up. With us, you’re not only gaining access to a high quality talent source that is brand new and extremely unique, you are also changing lives.

Having the best candidates is great, having the best employers is even better. 


Say goodbye to cut- throat recruitment agencies. We offer simple, transparent pricing and we will only ever send you people that benefit your business, we’re here for the people not the pounds

Also,  we’re so confident that you’ll enjoy working with us that if by some miracle it didn’t work out, we will replace the candidate free of charge or give you a refund (we are only human after all).

In addition to the standard reference and verification checks, we meet our candidates and have a good old chat so we know all about their skills, their personalities and most importantly, what they can bring to your business. 

With our fresh personal approach to recruitment and the unique integrity of our candidates, you will get a true insight into your potential employees. With us, it’s all about partnership and making sure everyone is happy so we want to match the best candidates with the best employers. Yes our aim is to give our parents the opportunities they deserve, but we also want to contribute to the success of your business and that starts with your staff.  

Not that you need convincing but here are a few of the benefits of working with us:

  • It’s the right thing to do! UK businesses should be supporting parents that want to work and pick their kids up from school now and again. 
  • Access a diverse and exclusive talent pool: Most of our candidates won’t apply for vacancies with your company because the job spec says full time or they may not know that you support flexible working. Don’t miss out on these gems!
  • Save money: You can employ a highly skilled part- time candidate for less than it would cost for a full- time hire. 
  • Strengthen your pay gap strategy: As of 2017, large UK employers will be required to publish their gender pay gaps as well as other information regarding their male and female employees. This could have a crucial impact on your recruitment, employee retention,  brand and reputation- particularly when being compared to your competitors. Embracing a flexible working approach and supporting working parents will be instrumental to your pay gap strategy and also gives you the competitive edge you need.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity: A capable part- time employee will often exceed expectations and maintain high levels of efficiency and productivity, arguably even more so than some full time employees. Flexible working improves the quality of life for our candidates and their families, this is invaluable to them and that will be reflected in their dedication and loyalty to you as their employer.
  • Enhance your public image: We receive a lot of PR and public support because people believe in Sacha’s mission and we want to share this success. We feature our employers on our website and social media channels to show the world that we work with some great businesses. It’s also great for attracting future employees, if they know that your organisation has strong values and community interests, they will want to work for you.

If you’re a true investor in people, we want to hear from you. Drop us an email at